6 Things to Think of Before Hiring a Wedding Car

Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the groom to arrange for the cars during the wedding. However, today, weddings are such gala affairs and grooms have so many things to take care of that he prefers to delegate this huge responsibility. Thus today, this responsibility typically falls with the best man. Here are the steps on how to decide on Tonbridge wedding cars.

1. The journey: The very first thing to think about is the journey itself. Make sure that you know the date of the wedding and the venues. Once you know this, you can plan the routes, pick up points and the number of people for each car. Remember, it is not only the bride who shall be coming but also the pageboys, flower girls and many more. Now you can decide on what type of car you would like: a traditional car model or a unique stylish one?

2. The route: From as early as possible, decide on the route you would be taking. This may include the parish church, the homes of your friends and a short drive around the bride’s favourite places.

  1. The car’s colour: Whether or not you are having a theme wedding, it is always a good idea to check the colour of the car. Since bookings need to be done from a year ago, you can check out the car of your choice, including the colour.
  2. Early bookings: Wedding car service agencies are in great demand during the weekends and on the summer months. This means that you need to book from beforehand. Typically, the booking needs to be complete 12 to 18 months before the wedding date.
  3. The style of the car: Get Tonbridge wedding cars whose style matches your wedding theme or style. This means that if the ceremony will be traditional then go for a classic car like a Rolls Royce, and if you are going for an original theme opt for a Morse Jaguar.
  4. Take the bride’s dress into account: Your wedding car may depend heavily on the bride’s dress. If it is voluminous or if it has a long train, then she may feel uncomfortable in a car with limited legroom.

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